The Murder of George Floyd and the Immorality of Racism

This video presents the ideas and experiences of those who have experienced racism in America. As I white male I do not pretend to understand what it's like to have to deal with systemic racism. Though I was deeply disturbed by what happened to George Floyd as he was murdered by law enforcement, I cannot imagine how hard it has been on those that confront racial profiling, police brutality, and fear for personal health and safety on a regular basis. This is wrong. Racism is unjust.

In this video, I transmit and unpack the ideas of African American writers, statesmen, and people from other minority groups. I hope these ideas will open your eyes as they have mine. As a society we need to heal the wounds of the history of racism. We need to stop killing black men and boys. We need to stop disproportionately disadvantaging people of color. I don't pretend to have any tidy solutions. But we can start by listening.


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