From Almost Flunking Out to Getting My PhD and Founding The Philosophical Life

It was my junior year of college. I received a letter from the university. It was not good. I was placed on academic probation. I was steps away from failing out of school.
But I discovered something. I discovered the major of philosophy: exploring big ideas, wrestling with important ethical issues. I was captivated. My grades turned around.
Fast-forward: I completed a master’s degree in philosophy and went on to achieve my PhD. Along the way I gained invaluable tools for sharp thinking, sharp learning, and better decision making that led to better living.
How did I go from almost flunking out to achieving my doctorate? What skills did I learn along the way? I’m excited to share with you what I learned!
I believe you’re only one logical train of thought away from things you desire out of life: growth, happiness, purpose, influence, and so on. If you’re ready when the moment strikes, you can use your mind to positively influence others and transform your life.
Prior to graduating with my PhD I went on the academic job market. Let’s just say things are not pretty. One job I applied to reported back that they received 550 applications--for one position! Not wanting to bounce around the country from temporary university teaching gig to temporary gig I needed to do something else.
Would I stop teaching philosophy? Would I quit being challenged regularly by ideas in ethics, epistemology, free will, philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and so on?
Or was there a way for me to give back and to provide value to others while still doing what I loved? Yes, I realized! That’s when The Philosophical Life was formed!
The Philosophical Life is not merely an online education service. It is not merely a company offering valuable tools to improve your thinking and learning.
Though, it is that. It’s also a community. It’s a movement.
The philosophical life community is a group of people that don’t accept the status quo. We don’t settle for a life of mediocrity and intellectual boredom. We want to use our minds to improve our lives and the world. We don’t need the approval of academic institutions to do so. We carve our own path.
We think for ourselves. We use critical and creative thinking to spread more truth, justice, and mercy in the world. We are powered by our hearts, but we steer with our heads!
I welcome you to join us! I welcome you to become a philosophical lifer!

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