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Reparations - Justice, Love, and Healing Require Atonement for the Sin of Slavery

In this video, you'll learn why reparations for slavery are owed to African Americans. Slavery involved economic injustice in the form of stealing labor, and its fruits, from slaves. It also involved immoral physical and psychological abuse. Such racist treatment of African American continued through policies that treated black lives as less valuable than white lives. Jim crow, segregation, share cropping, redlining, police brutality, and mass incarceration institutionalized racism. This video helps you think philosophically about the possibility of reparations for such harms.

After looking at comments by prominent African American leaders in the United States, you'll discover how Trevor Noah responds to an objection that reparations are not uniquely owed to African Americans. You'll then learn about 6 key facts concerning past and present injustices against African Americans. Such facts come from current bill H.R. 40 on reparations put forward by the House of Representatives. Lastly, you'll consider an argument by philosopher Bernard Boxill that reparations are owed to African Americans.


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