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From Almost Flunking Out to Getting My PhD and Founding The Philosophical Life

It was my junior year of college. I received a letter from the university. It was not good. I was placed on academic probation. I was steps away from failing out of school.
But I discovered something. I discovered the major of philosophy: exploring big ideas, wrestling with important ethical issues. I was captivated. My grades turned around.
Fast-forward: I completed a master’s degree in philosophy and went on to achieve my PhD. Along the way I gained invaluable tools for sharp thinking, sharp learning, and better decision making that led to better living.
How did I go from almost flunking out to achieving my doctorate? What skills did I learn along the way? I’m excited to share with you what I learned!
I believe you’re only one logical train of thought away from things you desire out of life: growth, happiness, purpose, influence, and so on. If you’re ready when the moment strikes, you can use your mind to positively influence...
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