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Christopher M. Cloos, PhD

Hi, I’m Christopher. I'm a philosopher, husband, father, dog dad, and founder of The Philosophical Life.

I always believed I was destined to make an impact on the world.

I didn't know if it would be through sports, acting, writing, or something else. But I always knew I was destined to live a life of meaning and purpose.

I did all the things society tells you that you're supposed to do.

I did well in school. I played sports. I had good friends. And I got a degree from a university.

After college I landed a comfy job in corporate America as a technical writer. I worked hard and was progressing toward a senior-level position.

But after 3+ years of working in a cubicle creating user guides for people that didn't read them I felt like my work and life didn't matter.

I felt the "golden handcuffs" tightening around my wrist. I felt the pull to stay chained to a good job to build toward my retirement, buy a house, and settle for less than I knew I was capable of.

I felt intellectually bored and empty. I felt like my work and life wasn't making a difference in the world.

I wanted to jump out of bed excited and inspired to go to work. I didn't want to stay stuck in a career that didn't suit me.

In My Corporate Cubicle in the Early 2000s

Cue a scene with the boss from the movie Office Space, "Yeah, about those TPS reports."

My Epiphany

After talking to trusted friends and reflecting on my situation, I realized the source of my dilemma. I was living a life and working in a career that didn't align with my values. 

There's nothing wrong with technical writing or working a corporate job per se. The mismatch came from not living out my values, which include:

  • Intellectual challenge and discovery
  • Deep thinking about life's big questions and issues
  • Creative work that clearly contributes value to the lives of others

The mismatch between the work I was doing and the things I value in life led me to feel like I wasn't living a significant life. 

This led to an epiphany: A sense of meaning and purpose in life comes from living in alignment with what you value.

The Decision

I knew I needed to transition out of being a technical writer. I knew I needed to leave my corporate job.

Yet I wasn't able to quit my job right away. I needed to transition to a life that better suits my personality, gifts, and dreams.

Connecting the dots: I decided to go back to school to study philosophy.

The professor life. Tweed smoking jackets, late night intellectual conversations, and fine scotch. Hahaha...

Actually, the professor life appealed to me because it involved getting paid to do what I love to do: read, think, discuss ideas, and help people have ah-ha moments. 

I got my master's degree and my PhD in philosophy. They were long winding journeys. I'll spare you the details.

But let's just say another fork in the road was in my future...

A New Dream is Born

At the end of my PhD program, my wife and I were blessed with a son. We had to decide: prioritize career or prioritize family?

The choice was difficult. But the decision was clear. I needed to let go of my dream of being a professor at a university. We needed to move to be near family to raise our son around grandma, auntie, and others.

To go the tenure-track professor route would have required moving around the country from temporary job to temporary job until I landed a job on the tenure track, which would not likely be near family.

This choice came down to prioritizing my values. Remember the epiphany: meaning comes from living in alignment with values.

I value family above career. And, yes, even above philosophy. It felt like a defeat. I had sunk 20+ years into studying a subject that now felt useless. I couldn't provide for my family as a professor.

Then I had a series of lightbulb moments. They culminated in the decision to teach philosophy online to the public. But, not just teach philosophy. Teach philosophy so people could improve their lives.

The Philosophical Life was born. A new dream! Funny thing is, the new dream better suited me. It used all, and I mean all, of my skills and talents acquired over the years.

It even used my DJ skills. Yes, I was once a DJ. I'm just going to leave that right there and walk away...

Basically I found a super meaningful life I love.

Now I bring the power of philosophy to the public. I help people to think clearly so they can live brilliantly.

But, I know what you might be thinking: Does this mean I have to quit my job or change careers to achieve a massively meaningful life?

Not necessarily. That was my path. I don't know your situation right now. But I know that to live a life that prioritizes what matters to you will require some work. It also might require some change for the better.

Most of us drift toward mediocrity, not a life of passion and excellence.

I want to help you not drift in life. I want to help you live the examined life. I want to help you live the good life, on purpose.

With purpose you can stack meaning in key areas of life. You can live a life of big impact. You can live a massively meaningful life.

How do you do that? If it's okay, I'd like to share the system with you.

Before doing that, though, let me bust a few myths. These myths are limiting beliefs that keep people from authentically pursuing a super meaningful life.

Myth busting is an important first step. Here are myths about living a really meaningful life and truths that counter them.

Myth #1: The Meaning of Life is a Stale Topic not Worth Taking Seriously

You might call this the Stale Slice of Pizza myth. You know when you bite into stale pizza. It tastes like cardboard. It has no flavor. For this myth, the meaning of life is like that. It's a tired old flavorless topic.

Truth: Nothing could be further from the truth! There's so much amazing research being done. Most people just don't know about it. They need a curator and translator to move the research from the journals to the digestible.

Here's an image of a few of the books published on the topic in the last decade. This doesn't include the mounds of journal articles.

There's lots of new thoughts on the meaning of life and it's worth taking seriously. It impacts our values, which impacts how we live.

Myth #2: Massive Meaning Comes from Being a Mover and Shaker

You might call this the Lady Gaga myth. You've got to be super-talented in one (maybe two) areas to live a massively meaningful life. You've got to be someone like Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, and so on, to really live a meaningful life.

Problem: Us ordinary people who aren't famous, wealthy, and ridiculously talented can't live a super meaningful life.

Truth: Those people achieved super-meaning in one area of life - their career or occupation.

Yet there are many areas of life that are pathways to meaning. Stacking meaning in those key areas can add up to massive meaning. Normal people like you and me CAN stack such meaning. 

Myth #3: The Meaning of Life is a Religious Topic and I'm Not a Religious Person, so I Can't Gain Anything from Studying the Meaning of Life

Truth: God is AN answer to the meaning of life. But God is definitely not the only answer. A view called naturalism is full of perspectives on the meaning of life. It's a view that doesn't rely on any immaterial phenomenon, such as a soul or God.

Your Opportunity to Pursue Massive Meaning

Given the three truths we just talked about:

  • The meaning of life is a fresh and exciting topic to explore and it is worth taking seriously because of its practical value.
  • You can achieve a super meaningful life by stacking meaning in key areas of life.
  • You do not need to be religious to study the meaning of life and grow in the amount of meaning that's in your life.

I discovered a massively meaningful life. It's still a work in progress, but I'm making progress. And I know...

Massive meaning is possible for you - very possible.

You just need to have a strategic plan and system in place otherwise you’ll waste your time and kill your chances of success.

And I’m not about to let that happen to you.

So I took a years worth of knowledge, success, pain, frustration, and experience and distilled it all down into a repeatable system.



An end-to-end, proven system that helps you deeply comprehend the meaning of life, discover what you really value in life, and build a life that makes an impact and leaves a lasting legacy.

"I'm excited and intrigued to continue on the journey toward a massively meaningful life! There's so much more insight into life's meaning than the surface exploration I have done in the past. Wanting to find what MY meaning in life is, led me to seek more of an understanding through the Mission Massive Meaning system."

Katie M.


Mission Massive Meaning helps you achieve:

-Greater Happiness and Life Satisfaction
-Greater Mental and Physical Health
-Greater Character and Virtue
-Greater Close Social Relationships

...a flourishing life you love!

Living a Meaningful Life Positively Impacts ALL Areas of Health and Well-being


When I started looking into the connection between a meaningful life and its impact on health and well-being my mind was blown! Study after study showed a positive correlation between meaning and well-being.

To cite the findings of a recent study, higher meaning in life is associated with:

  • Stronger personal relationships (marriage/partnership, contact with friends)
  • Broader social engagement (involvement in civic society, cultural activity, volunteering)
  • Less loneliness
  • Greater prosperity (wealth, income)
  • Better mental and physical health (self-rated health, depressive symptoms, chronic disease)
  • Less chronic pain and disability
  • Less obesity and central adiposity
  • More favorable biomarker profiles (C-reactive protein, plasma fibrinogen, white blood cell count, vitamin D, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol)
  • Healthier lifestyles (physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, sleep quality, not smoking)
  • More time spent in social activities and exercising
  • And less time spent alone or watching television.

Source: Andrew Steptoe and Daisy Fancourt (2019), "Leading a meaningful life at older ages and its relationship with social engagement, prosperity, health, biology, and time use," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 116 (4) 1207-1212.

This System Helps You Build Massive Meaning into Your Life So You Can Get All Those Well-being Benefits

Mission Massive Meaning does this using a 4-phase approach.


Comprehend the nature of the meaning of life via cutting-edge research.


Transfer knowledge about life's meaning into new ways of believing and living.

The Blueprint

Design SMART goals that align with your mission and purposes in key areas of life.

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What's Included in The Ultimate System?

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Receive all future updates to the course, including new missions and expeditions.

BONUS: Reaction video to prominent public intellectual Jordan B. Peterson discussing the meaning of life ($50 value)

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BONUS: Custom Blueprint and Goal Review ($250 value)

When you're ready, submit to me your blueprint for feedback and encouragement. I'll shoot a custom video where I share my thoughts with you about your blueprint for massive meaning and how to improve it to realize even more meaning in life.

What you're getting...

  • All 37 core Mission Massive Meaning videos ($1900 value)
  • Monthly Live Office Hours ($500 value)
  • Lifetime Course Updates ($250 value)
  • BONUS: Reaction video to Jordan B. Peterson ($50 value)
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  • BONUS: Custom Blueprint and Goal Review ($250 value)


If all this did was help you...

  • Feel less lonely because you’ve improved your relationships with your spouse/partner, children, extended family, or friends would it be worth it?
  • Jump out of bed excited to work because you find mission and purpose in your work would it be worth it?
  • Leave a positive legacy you could be proud of would it be worth it?
  • Have little to no regrets at the end of your life would it be worth it?
  • Experience more happiness and satisfaction in your life would it be worth it?

Would it be worth a one-time payment of $3,000?

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  • All 37 core Mission Massive Meaning videos ($1900 value)
  • Monthly Live Office Hours ($500 value)
  • Lifetime Course Updates ($250 value)
  • BONUS: Reaction video to Jordan B. Peterson ($50 value)
  • BONUS: 3 Secrets of The Trolley Problem ($25 value)
  • BONUS: Ignite Your News Media Makeover ($25 value)
  • BONUS: Custom Blueprint and Goal Review ($250 value)



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See you on the inside...

Dr. Christopher Michael Cloos

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