What Is The Meaning of Life?

FREE MASTERCLASS: Learn how to think critically about the meaning of life, discover your life's meaning, and build a massively meaningful life you love—one that leaves a lasting legacy.



2 Myths that Keep People Stuck

Discover 2 mistakes about living a super meaningful life. These myths prevent people from pursuing a meaningful life. Learn 2 truths that counter those myths.

3 Secrets To Building A Meaningful Life

Uncover 3 secrets for strategically increasing how meaningful your life is. These secrets unlock 3 key components of a massively meaningful life.

The Ultimate System for Massive Meaning

Learn the 4-part system for effectively thinking about the meaning of life and building a massively meaningful one.

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In this FREE meaning of life masterclass I'll teach you:

  • Where people turn to add meaning to their lives, as shown in research studies

  • How the pandemic presents a unique opportunity to build a meaningful life

  • The epiphany that put me on the path to a more meaningful life

  • 2 myths about massive meaning and 2 truths that counter those myths

  • 3 secrets for strategically increasing how meaningful your life is

  • A complete system for deeply comprehending the meaning of life and building a life of high impact that leaves a lasting legacy

Helping people think critically about things that matter is what I do. Life transformation through applying philosophy to everyday life is my thing. I want to help you build a life you love that leaves no regrets. I'm excited to start that journey in this free masterclass!

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